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The best of Laaktheater from the comfort of your home!


The Parelsnoer Festival in Laaktheater was a closing event for the project 'Een Snoer van Parels' (“a string of pearls”) that took place in the libraries of Transvaal, Escamp, Schilderswijk, Segbroek and Laakkwartier.

Laaktheater Urban Lab provides art classes, which you can now find online. This class: figure drawing by Miss Marina.

Erica Roozendaal is also at home. From her living room she plays Prelude from ‘Pièces de Clavecin’ by J. Ph. Rameau.

First in the three-part documentary series ‘Binckhorst’ by Marsel Loermans and Wilma Marijnissen follows the residents of the Binckhorst area. Who or what determines the dynamics of this business park?

Laaktheater Thuis is the digital platform of Laaktheater. Laaktheater is the theatre of district Laak. We want to bring art and culture closer to the people. Just around the corner, in our theatre you can see and experience art and get involved in many different ways. With Laaktheater Thuis we come to you in your living room. You can watch performances, documentaries and take part in art classes on your mobile phone, computer or iPad.


This is one of the ways we want to make art personal. As Laaktheater we want to make the programme with people who are eager to share their love for culture; their love of film, photography, (youth) theatre or music.

Our programme is created by people with ideas who just drop in and we also meet people with ideas in the neighbourhood. And all these people with all these ideas together result in a wonderful programme that we are incredibly proud of.


Would you like to contribute to our (digital) programme? Then send us an e-mail at: sigrid@laaktheater.nl or info@laaktheater.nl. Then together we can explore what and how we can do something for Laak.