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Hopper is known for creating a surreal, desolate atmosphere in his paintings. The people in his paintings are never happy. The paintings also evoke a feeling of "together yet alone". If one looks at Hopper's entire oeuvre, one could draw the conclusion that the isolation of the individual takes centre stage in the vast majority of his paintings. In his paintings, there is rarely any contact with other people, even if there are several people present in the picture. Some examples are the works in which people are waiting in a theatre for a show to begin.


Lonneke van Leth Dans is a dance company for young people. They are based in Bink36 in The Hague, but have a wide reach throughout the Netherlands. With an expressive and classical modern dance style full of humour and accessible, eclectic choreographies, the company knows how to enthuse children and young people for modern dance. The sensory and emotional power of the dancing body linked to indestructible stories and present-day themes, is a combination that Lonneke van Leth Dans uses to reach out to young people and gets them to reflect.


Lonneke van Leth Dans creates performances for families and primary and secondary schools and can often be seen in Laaktheater.


The company is led by artistic directors Lonneke van Leth and Vincent de Kooker. Lonneke van Leth Dans is supported on a structural basis by the Municipality of The Hague.