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The Country Manor


Based on “Much ado about nothing” by Shakespeare

Text and direction: Pim Karhof

Vocal coach: Susanne de Rooij


The war is over. Doña Antonia welcomes a regiment of wounded soldiers to the country manor of Doña Leonata to regain strength. The war is not over for everyone. Some wounds never heal. It does not take long before the next battle erupts. This time it is about love.



Theatre group Spontaan was founded in 2008 under the name Musicalgroep Spontaan. They are a lovely group of people who together provide fun and accessible performances. Having fun in acting and a good time together are of great importance to us, but of course a good production is also important. Fortunately, these two things go together very well in our group.

Our director and scriptwriter Pim Karhof is always open to new ideas. Under his leadership, we have put on many great performances in recent years. One group of members is responsible for the lyrics of the songs. Our vocal coach Susanne de Rooij ensures that the songs are also musically correct.Recently, we started rehearsing in the wonderful Laaktheater.