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Jury report 

Sona Sahakian Sona was able to make a connection between herself and the elements of the surrounding nature. When human relationships deteriorate during the corona and are limited by the requirements of the corona pandemic, the creator has nothing but to reattach to living things living with us on this planet. It is a victory of life and movement and a rethink of the rose that grows spontaneously in the middle of the road.


Story of the film

Sona: "The film "Everything comes and goes" is about the transience and the cycle of human existence. I experience the corona time as an event where everything comes and goes. Life is endless and infinite, and birth and death are only transitions. Change always takes place and destruction, destruction and decay leading to a new existence. So I want to show that you need to appreciate, enjoy and have a positive outlook on all the little things in your life, no matter how difficult the situation is."